Children 2-6 Years Old​


Each age has its own joys and developmental opportunities. We tailor our activities and curriculum to grow with the children, providing a social and educational foundation for healthy, happy minds and bodies.

Education is a journey, not a race.  Our programs give room for each child to explore and discover in a developmentally appropriate setting.


Discover the preschool experience together, with your child in this introductory program with Teacher Jackie.

Art discovery, building independence, music and song, in-class parent education. 

6-week sessions, meets once per week.

Children explore the fundamentals of preschool in a 2-day/week progam with Teacher Chrissy.

Circle times, science/art labs, imaginative play, outdoor discovery, sensory and music-based learning, social play and more.

T/TH 9:15-12:15 


W/F 9:15-12:15

Hands-on activities encourage children to learn through exploration in a 3-day/week program.

Social and emotional development, science, math and art discovery, cooperative play, circle times and storytelling, language arts, imaginative play, outdoor exploration and more.

M/W/F  9:30 am -12:30 pm

Teamwork, collaboration, and compassion are key themes for this 3 day/week play-based program.

Cooperative play, social and emotional development, science math and art discovery, music and storytelling, language arts, imaginative play, outdoor exploration, team building, and more.

M/T/TH  9am - 12pm

Potty training is required prior to starting all programs (except Parent & Me)

We're so glad you're here!


A Family Commitment

Being an engaged, active participant in the community is what makes our school run smoothly (and wonderful!).  

The decision to enroll your child in a cooperative preschool has a commitment attached to it.  Consider if this is the right fit for your family.

Family Trip

Minimum 2-3 Classes per Month


A designated parent* actively participates in your child's classroom for a full class period, supporting the day's teacher-led curriculum.

Teachers' opening and closing meetings reinforce child development and classroom practices.

3-4 Hours per Month


Parents keep our school clean and engaging!

Each family's job focuses on a specific responsibility essential to the school's operation. Annual jobs are assigned after a brief introductory interview to ensure a strong match.

Approx 2 Hours per Month


School updates and parent education are shared at our monthly General Meetings.  Attendance is required (evenings, typically on the third Tuesday of the month).

2 Times per Year


We hold fundraising events to support our school and need your full participation!


Attendance, preparation, event support, and events fees are all expectations for our member families.

*Classroom Parent is a legal guardian who has met health and safety requirements and completed training (3 consecutive sessions in Fall, approximately 9 hours).


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