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The Cooperative Experience 



Cooperative education goes beyond academics. We provide a sense of community and purpose that fosters friendships, personal growth as individuals, and a sense of belonging - for children and families!  


In a co-op, families and teachers work together to share the responsibilities of the school's operations. Families participate on rotating schedules to maintain, and continuously improve the school and its programs.  

Guiding and teaching parents and children

the joy of self-discovery, experimentation, and the power of learning, since 1975.

Children gain independence and confidence as they build friendships with peers and trusted adults at school.  Low student-to-adult ratios (5:1) ensure a positive learning environment, and help children develop their ability to relate to people of all ages and backgrounds. 


Parents have a unique opportunity to learn about preschooler development, and gain skills for guiding young children. Our members often share that they learn as much, if not more, than the children.  Learning at school can be continued and reinforced at home for a comprehensive, cohesive approach.

By participating at preschool parents have a deep understanding of what happens during class, and can share in the joy of shared knowledge and references with their children.

Perks of a Co-Op Preschool:

Inclusion and kindness are modeled in our school community, where everyone participates and supports.

Observe the small joys of preschoolers as young friendships are built and children take wing.

Parenting education opportunities in the classroom, via parent ed, and within the community.

Share the excitement of childrens discoveries: Your own child's, and those of all the children in class!

We Are


Exceptional hands-on exploratory curriculum to develop high level

thinking skills and caring, compassionate learners. 

Our integrated STEAMS (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math and Social Skills)

education is rooted in



Thematic webbing provides inspiration for our daily activities, engaging students to explore central ideas in diverse ways. 

Our curriculum is presented using highly-interactive, developmentally appropriate methods that stimulate minds and capture childrens natural curiosity.

critical thinking






"They have mastered the formula for "first school experience" - instilling a love of learning"

- Sarah S.  (alumni parent)

Director Jackie

Teacher Jackie’s positivity and patience infuses every part of our school, embodying the mission of LPPP as a place of learning and growth for both students and parents.

Teacher Barbara

Teacher Barbara enchants children with her enthusiastic warmth and vibrant ideas.

Barbara brings 24 years of creative, compassionate, and community-building classroom co-op experience.

Teacher Chrissy

Teacher Chrissy is inspired by the approach of supporting young children in a play based environment.

She is passionate about reading and loves children’s books like “If I Built a House” by Chris Van Dusen, which inspires creativity and thinking big!

Teacher Debra

Why We're Great >

Teacher Debra's love of teaching shines in her relationships with children.


Her passion and training in relationship-driven emergent curriculum drive her focus, on being responsive to children's interests and creating meaningful learning experiences.


"Every time I volunteer in the classroom I feel I have more confidence as a parent."

- Katie H. (Parent)

Education, Beyond Learning

Our play-based, developmental program applies a child-centered philosophy using a thematic approach and STEAMS curriculum to facilitate learning in all areas of a child's development. 










Our learning environment supports lifelong social and emotional skills, such as problem solving, how to communicate needs, and the belief that children can “do hard things.”  ​ 


Children explore their individual school experience, one that engages and builds upon the child’s current knowledge, through our carefully planned educational program.  


"I can do hard things."

- LPPP Children

Growth, All Around

Through a developmental play-based program for the whole child, we seek to enrich and empower, as each child joyfully develops.


Our Vision

We believe in the power of community, of parents, and of the unlimited potential of every child and family.

We create a nurturing and supportive community of children, parents, and highly skilled staff because of our belief that together we can enhance the very foundation of a child’s life.

"The curriculum is rich and stimulating, allowing students

to engage in high-level thinking skills." 

- Shelby T. (alumni parent)

Healthy Children, Happy Minds

We go the extra mile to create and maintain a healthy school and campus, for example:

Varied & Nutritious 


Curious tastebuds are developed during a healthy snack time, where new foods are celebrated. Veggie, fruit, and protein served each class day.

Bleach-Free Routine Cleaning


Our multi-step cleaning routines sanitize without toxic chemicals and bleach, to protect our children's developing bodies.

For Joyfully Barefooted Days


Our campus is pesticide-free, to ensure an environment healthy for our children, the animals, the plants and soil.  

Positive Habits for a Lifetime


Children learn to conserve, reuse, compost, and to become respectful global citizens.  Habits for a lifetime of sustainability are introduced.


"Play is really the work of childhood" - Fred Rodgers

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