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Our Preschool Village

It takes a village.  Children learn and grow as they discover their surroundings and engage with the world.  Interactions, observations, fresh ideas from friends and role models all shape a child's development - awakening their bodies and minds.


When a home becomes an island, and outside interactions wane, parenting can become more of a challenge than ever.  Children clamor for new experiences, press their boundaries, search for new ways to entertain themselves.  Sometimes they're incredibly trying times; sometimes the results are a pure delight for the whole family!

We've introduced our Preschool at Home program to bring the joys and adventures of preschool straight to you, where they can be enjoyed in a safe and nurturing environment. 



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"They truly care and are very mindful of what they need during these very important developmental years"

- Karen M.  (alumni parent)


Stimulating learning experiences for children featuring rich interactive activities and engaging personal connections



And just as importantly, support and guidance for parents as we navigate the Age of Preschooler - together and well-equipped.

Preschool at Home


How Does It Work?​

Preschool at Home gives you the tools you need for success as a family, while inspiring your child to learn, explore, and gain independence.

We have 3 packages designed to match your situation and goals:

Family Time

The Confident Family

Discovery and delight for children and parents alike

For Children: 

Celebrate as your child explores new weekly activities, dives deep into developmentally-appropriate STEAM topics, and forms bonds with fellow preschoolers and beloved teachers.


Live circle times, personalized 1-on-1 teacher chats, and weekly videos that inspire discovery through play.

For Adults: 

Fill your parenting toolkit and learn how to guide your child, mindfully and with emotional well-being. Understand your child's behaviors, the science behind them, and how to build a nurturing environment on all levels.

Research-driven Parent Ed sessions, small group discussions led by an early childhood development expert, and a supportive community of fellow parents.

Friendly Wrestling

The Empowered Caregiver

Fill your toolkit for joyful, empowered adulting.

For Adults:

Refresh your LPPP parenting techniques, and learn new tips to overcome the challenges of a distanced world.  Excellent for bridging parenting styles with your caregivers (such as grandparents or a nanny), or for alumni looking to stay current and practiced.

Monthly research-driven Parent Ed session, small group discussions led by an early childhood development expert, and a supportive community of fellow caretakers.

Art Class

Inspired Play

Discover LPPP Preschool at Home

For Children:

Create and explore Preschool at Home with your child, with ideas from our highly-experienced teachers. 

Learning plans, inspiration, and a weekly activity video - just enough to kindle your child's home education.


For further details on the packages, check out our side-by-side comparison chart.  

Questions? We're available!  Reach out to our membership team here.

"Our family uses these tools on a daily basis."

- Dana R.  (parent)

"The best forming a new community of support with all the other parents." 

- Meghan R.  (alumni parent)

Let's do it, Together!​

Learning from a distance is new to most families, and brings a unique set of opportunities.  By empowering YOU, the caretaker, and giving you the tools and resources to bring a quality preschool experience home, we will overcome the challenges distance brings - together!



Our Parent Education is focused, and directly applicable to what our families are experiencing.  Supported by our Early Childhood Development experts, teachers, and fellow parents, our families are equipped to succeed!​ With nearly a half-century of experience as a Parent Participation preschool, we are in a rare position to empower families with a toolkit that is tested and methods that are proven. 

Our Children's Sessions are designed to maximize the screen time to inspired play ratio.  A short video from our experienced teaching team can kindle hours (or weeks!) of exploration and enchanted discovery.  Circle times and teacher sessions give children an opportunity for bonding and personal interactions, an opportunity to build friendships and practice independence. 

We give your family the tools and resources to be confident with Preschool at Home!