Trike-A-Thon 2020

Let's Rock & Roll!


The Trike-A-Thon has been an LPPP tradition for decades...and there's no stopping our riders this year! 

The tradition lives on, with a special twist for 2020.

Donations are so very appreciated during this rock-and-roll year.

We're doing everything we can to keep our school rolling, but this year has hit our bottom line significantly. LPPP is so very proud to be offering services for the whole family, near and far, but even with our minimized cost structure the school is currently operating at a loss.  Your financial support is more important than ever!

Its a challenging year for everyone, which is why we've made

Trike-A-Thon pledges optional for 2020.  Be creative! Be brave! Set your goals!  


Ask friends and family to sponsor your race, start a cute kid business for neighbors, maybe your child will want to help by sending artwork to contributors...Every dollar helps us keep our wheels turning!

As a thank you, sponsored riders can earn:

  • $100 Donation: LPPP Vinyl Decal

  • $150 Donation: Classic LPPP Totebag and LPPP Vinyl Decal

  • $250 Donation: LPPP Youth Hoodie, Classic LPPP Totebag and LPPP Vinyl Decal

Trike-A-Thon 2020

Get your Racer BIbs!


Thank You!

We are so very grateful for your contributions!

Enter child's name on the donations checkout page in order for contributions to be counted towards his/her prize.

Event Info & Registration


This year's Trike-A-Thon is filled with new surprises!

This year we'll truly be triking and biking at your speed.  Pick your favorite trail from our list, or choose your favorite cul-de-sac, and get rolling! 

Printable Version


Step 1: Register: Let's get ready to roll! Complete registration to receive your official

printable Trike-A-Thon racing bib (PDF).


Step 2: Collect Pledges:  Every dollar you bring is essential in helping our school stay active, thank you! Pledges are optional this year, but so very needed and appreciated.


Step 3: Get Ready: Let's get ready to rock! In advance of the event, if you can, paint rocks together at home:  Choose your favorite LPPPism, or get creative. 

And, get practicing on those wheels!


Your regular biking necessities (bike/trike and helmet, water, snacks, face masks, sanitizer), your painted rocks, your official Trike-A-Thon racing bibs, and lots of enthusiasm to cheer along your rider(s)!


This is a distanced activity; we wholeheartedly encourage mask-wearing and safe distances between riders.  If you see a friend, wave hello and keep on rocking!




Find a rock, leave a rock. While you're riding, be on the lookout for LPPP's painted rocks along the trails! Snap photos to share (#LPPProckandroll @lagunapreschool), add your own rock art, and ride the track!


Set goals as a family: Who can ride 1 time around, who can ride 2?  Who can be the safest?  Who is the silliest?  How far can mommy or daddy ride the trike or mini bike?

November 7-14, 2020
Check out our list of suggested trails!
Bike and Trike on our designated community paths, or on your favorite cul-de-sac, to join the fun. Open to ALL!
Will you ROCK and ROLL with us?

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