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Our hands-on curriculum engages children through inventive activities that are developmentally appropriate, interesting and fun!  These methods to develop high level thinking skills and caring, compassionate learners.

Thematic Webbing

Thematic webbing provides inspiration for our daily activities, engaging students to explore central ideas in diverse ways. 


Teachers support and extend children’s play experiences, and scaffold children’s interest, engagement, and learning.

Curriculum theme changes monthly! 

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Thematic Webbing
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The core curriculum is grounded in STEAMS (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics and Social Skills) education.


This education is rooted in critical thinking, collaboration, curiosity, communication, adaptability and questioning.



Children are natural scientists! At LPPP, they observe, experiment, ask questions, and engage in wonder at how things work.  Each monthly theme ties directly to a topic that is explored in a multitude of ways. They explore outer space, chemical reactions, earth science, dinosaurs, weather, and so much more. 

Technology & Engineering

Children use tools, invent ideas,  identify problems, and make things work.  This can be seen in creating ramps,  building bridges, using vehicles or wheels. They design, create, and build!


Art is a tool for innovation. It is fun and oftentimes a full sensory experience!  Art builds confidence & creativity, develops motor skills, communication skills and problem solving skills


Believe it or not, math is play!  Sequencing, patterning, shapes, volume, and size are all consistent parts of the fun curriculum that build a strong mathematical foundation.

Social Skills

LPPP has a full Social Skills curriculum, which is built into every interaction. This learning environment supports lifelong social and emotional skills, such as problem solving, how to communicate needs, and the belief that children can “do hard things.”  ​

Parent Education Curriculum

LPPP provides an in-depth, multi-tiered Parent Education program, to provide skills that parents carry with them throughout the rest of their lives.


Parent Training

Receive 6-9 hours of training prior to working in the classroom, providing a strong foundation in skills, philosophy, child development, and logistics to help support you in the classroom and beyond.


In the Classroom

Observe highly trained and experienced teachers demonstrate skills, and engage in opportunities to practice them yourself.  


Monthly Parent Education

Learn skills and knowledge from a child development expert each month, in a targeted and in-depth curriculum that focuses on providing tools and knowledge to support you where you need it the most in this parenting journey.  


In the Community

LPPP provides ways to connect with your fellow preschool parents, including asking questions and seeking support. 

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Parent Education Curriculum
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