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What We Believe

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We believe that children learn through play.  During the act of play children are exploring, taking risks, engaging their imagination, solving problems, and more. 

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We see children as unique individuals and respect and respond to their individual needs


Respect for the role of parents is a hallmark of our preschool.  Parent involvement and education creates strong family foundations that support children over a lifetime.

Our Mission

The mission of  Laguna Parent Participation Preschool is to provide the highest quality care, while creating a nurturing and supportive community of children, parents, and highly skilled staff. Through a play-based program that attends to the whole child, we respect and honor each child's uniqueness in how they learn and meet them where they are in their development. Through dynamic cooperative partnerships of parents and staff, we provide a model of community that will sustain and enrich our children throughout their lives.

Play Based Learning

Play based learning in preschool:

  • Is Process Oriented

  • Provides ample time to discover and explore

  • Leads to more academic success in the long term than academic programs.

  • Is fun!


During the act of play children are exploring, taking risks, engaging their imagination, and solving problems.

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Play Based Learning
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Child Centered

All areas of a child’s development are emphasized, including social, emotional, physical, cognitive, imaginative, and creative.

We see children as unique individuals and respect and respond to their individual needs.

Children construct their own knowledge that engages and builds upon the child’s current knowledge.

Child Centered
Parent Participation

Parent Participation

"Families are the wellspring that creates and nurtures the children in our classrooms. When working closely with families, we help to foster their sense of belonging and their confidence. We help to strengthen parent's capacity to support their children over a lifetime." by Gale Fischer and Bridget Murray, "When Teachers Reflect".


Respect for the role of parents is a hallmark of our preschool.   Parents are an integral part of the program and are encouraged to participate in many aspects of running the school. Parents' input and participation enhances the curriculum, daily activities, and direction of the preschool.  


Parent participation offers a unique opportunity for the parents to deepen the parent-child relationship. Parents are able to learn about their preschooler's development as well as skills and techniques for guiding young children.


Outside the classroom, the school jobs which parents fulfill enhance the activities of the school at all levels. 

Inclusion, kindness, and a multitude of positive skills are modeled in our school community, creating a unified atmosphere.

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Positive Outcomes of A Parent Participation Preschool

Participation - What Does It look Like



  • Approximately 1-2 classes/month

  • Actively participate in your child's classroom for a full class period, supporting the day's teacher-led curriculum

  • Learn conflict management, child development, and classroom practices. 

Behind the Scenes Job(s)

  • 3-4 Hours per Month

  • Each family's job focuses on a specific responsibility essential to the school's operation. Annual jobs are assigned after a brief introductory interview to ensure a strong match.

Meeting Attendance

  • Take a deep dive into child development, gain tools for your parenting toolkit, or a variety of other supportive topics.

  • Approx 2 hrs per month; 8pm, virtual

  • Includes school updates and business.


  • 2 Times per Year

  • Support our fundraising events while creating memories that last a lifetime.

  • Attendance, preparation, event support, and events fees are all expectations for our members.

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Creating a sense of community and purpose together fosters friendships, personal growth as individuals, and a sense of belonging - for children and families! 

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Children develop the ability to relate to people of all ages and backgrounds, gaining independence and confidence in their interactions. Low student-to-adult ratios (approx 5:1) provide a rich learning environment

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Parents often share that they learn as much, if not more, than the children. Share in the excitement of children’s discoveries, learn about preschooler development, and gain skills for guiding young children.  Parents develop tools and confidence that lasts a lifetime.   

Healthy Food

We go the extra mile to create and maintain a healthy school and campus, for example:

Girl Picking Apple

Healthy Snacks

Varied & Nutritious

Curious tastebuds are developed during a healthy snack time, where new foods are celebrated. Veggie, fruit, and protein served each class day.

Sanitizing Surfaces

Safer Cleaning

Bleach-Free Routine Cleaning

Our multi-step cleaning routines sanitize without toxic chemicals and bleach, to protect our children's developing bodies.

Yellow Flowers

Pesticide Free

For Joyfully Barefooted Days

Our campus is pesticide-free, to ensure an environment healthy for our children, the animals, the plants and soil.

Looking at Crops


Positive Habits for a Lifetime

Children learn to conserve, reuse, compost, and to become respectful global citizens.  Habits for a lifetime of sustainability are introduced.

"Play is really the work of childhood"- Fred Rodgers

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