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LPPP Campus Maintenance Day #2!

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Maintenance Day Blog

At LPPP, we are very fortunate to have access to a large campus for our students. With two classrooms, a loft room, a sprawling front yard, and a spacious backyard there is a lot for the children to enjoy -- and a lot to maintain.

With the help of our generous community, we transformed our space to be ready for campus to re-open after a year of closure. In February, our community came together for our second maintenance day. We organized classroom closets, power-washed nearly everything, refreshed the mud pit, painstakingly zip-tied a privacy screen between us and Alicia Parkway, and more. The efforts continued for some families beyond this day, including the project of preparing and painting our boat, or providing expertise on a myriad of maintenance updates.

We are filled with joy and happiness to see the hard work put to use. These past two weeks, our children were finally able to be on campus. They love exploring our space! The dump trucks take loads of gravel to worksites far away, the mud pit becomes a sensory utopia, and Circle Times on the grass or under the tree have been a huge hit.

Getting our campus to this point was hard work, but so worth it. Thank you to our community for supporting the work that we do, and thank you for your heart and effort. Together we can do hard things!

Watch the slideshow of our day!!

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