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LPPP Campus Maintenance Days 2020

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

On a cool day in October, the parents came from far and wide to clean, repair and refresh our beautiful LPPP campus. The campus is large, so we had a ton of work to do. Under the direction of our fearless leader Mr. Curtis, who braved the wilds of the tortoise enclosure, our mission was accomplished. Every surface of our classrooms was cleaned, including the cryogenic ant mass grave we found in the freezer, eeeewwww. So many spiders were relocated to alternative living arrangements. haha. Our outside crews weeded out under every bush and tree we could find. Playhouses and sidewalks were power washed, pillars were painted, mud and gravel were overturned, weeds (so many weeds) were pulled, and yes, we found many, many, many, many bugs. So many bugs. Not a fan of bugs. lol. Oh, and we made a discovery in the tortoise enclosure...cinderblocks + overgrown brush and debris = The Secret of NIMH. Anyone remember that movie from childhood? I will say no more about that. lol.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you all have done to help make our school so magical. We are so deeply grateful.

See you one day soon!

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