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Rock Painting for LPPP Trike-A-Thon

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Rock and Roll Trike-A-Thon: Yes -- ROCKS! Watch the video for what rocks have to do with this year's Trike-A-Thon. Details below for further fun information! Riders will head out to ride the courses in their areas. As always, it’s not about speed but effort! We want to see those legs moving as you ride your trike, bike or scooter. Parents join the fun and ride along too. Or have your child take a break as you cruise on their bike while they snack. Remember to wear a helmet. And keep an eye out for some LPPP rocks! Go to the Trike-A-Thon page on our website for suggested bike paths in your area. Or just ride in your neighborhood.

Ssshhhhhhh....Parents! LOOK HERE! We need rock painters and placers! Get the kids to help paint rocks too! It’s super fun. Place your painted rocks on your child’s course for them to find. Or your child can leave rocks along the way as they ride. Maybe they will find them again the next time the ride, or maybe a friend will find them. If you are up for walking a course area and dropping some painted rocks, let us know. The more we can get out there the better! Please help with the magic!

We want to see you, so let’s have fun with it! Since we can’t ride as a group this year, be sure to leave your mark on our social media pages. Post pictures on our Facebook, Instagram or Discord sites. Lets see your rider(s) in action, bike decorations, rocks you paint or find, parent riders, and more. Leave hints for where you left your stack of painted rocks so others may find it. Shout outs given on social media and at wrap party for best photos posted! Hashtags: #lppprockandroll and #lppptrikeathon2020

Remember to bring your regular biking necessities (bike/trike and helmet, water, snacks, face masks, sanitizer), your painted rocks, your official Trike-A-Thon racing bibs, and lots of enthusiasm to cheer along your rider(s)!

This is a distanced activity; we wholeheartedly encourage mask-wearing and safe distances between riders. If you see a friend, wave hello and keep on rocking!

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